• denisenerland

BaD Life

Here we are! My name is Denise the handsome guy in the picture is Bryon and those two lovely littles are Cooper and Sloane.

We are BaD, Bryon and Denise. We worked together for many years before we decided to do us as a couple, and its been great since day 1. Both of us being from the bar industry we always worked around other people's schedules and what is and isn't "busy season". I started practicing real estate in 2018 and loved having the freedom of my own schedule, but Bryon remained behind the bar. One day I looked at him as we was getting ready for work and told him I hated having to plan our lives around his work schedule. That day I started thinking about what we are good at and how we could help people. Back and forth we went on how we could spend more time with our family and contribute to other families. Cleaning seems to take up so much of our lives and some times we just don't have time to do it. Lets face it, sometimes we just don't want to do it. Well that's where we come in, we would love to give you that time back and maybe take some of that stress off of you. Our kids and family is so important to us and we appreciate the opportunity we have been given to help you spend more time with yours.