• denisenerland

Never fear dawn dish soap is here!

I am the mom of three and even when I clock out for the day from being with you guys I am still on the clock for them. As most parents know its a 24 hour a day job with no paid vacation! My kids range in age from 1 all the way to 17 so we have a slew of problems that are happening in our house all at the same time. Not to mention the three dogs.

So lets talk laundry! For real guys laundry is the definition of infinity. If you wear clothes you are not done with the laundry, ugh. I can't tell you how many times someone in my house has left a chopstick in their pocket. Of course you won't find out til the load has finished and you see those lovely spots all over your favorite T-shirt. Never fear dawn dish will get it out. No joke rub it in all the spot put that shirt back in the wash and ta da its clean again.

I have yet to meet a grease stain that dawn has yet to be able to get out of my clothes. I used to do restaurant work and same thing dawn on the shirt and out came a clean shirt.

Now that you have one problem solved get out there and start saving the world one day at a time!