• denisenerland

Time spent cleaning....

Bryon and I clean together, we live together, we have kids together. We pretty much do everything together. I always hear about couples not being able to work together but I don't think I would like my job as much if I didn't have him doing it with me. We seem to compliment each other is ways that I didn't think were possible. He is very OCD about cleaning and I am a very detail oriented so together we can seriously make a house sparkle. It is not always easy work but we get to do it together so I don't mind it.

He went to work all day today at the bar and then came and did a clean for me for four hours. He worked over 12 hours today and didn't complain once. I just wanted to shout out to him and let everyone know how lucky I am to get to do everything I do with this man. Whether it's time spent cleaning or time spent just hanging out I am the luckiest person to get to do it all with my best friend.